Art Facilitating Sessions 

Through different exercises you will work through emotions, beliefs, conditioning, relaxation, joy, play, looking at self, trauma, behaviour, gratitude, self love,  inside the mind, inner child and more. Each practice gives you an opportunity to connect, have fun bring joy and peace recognizing that you have a voice and supports communication. Through expression something amazing happens and you find you, what works for and you fall in love with you again

Chakra Dance and Healing Meditation Workshops/Classes  

A well-being practice through music and dance Connecting, Releasing and Transforming old blocked energy through movement and meditation. Each class or workshop will work through the body and focus on aspects of the self that need nurturing. You will dance your way back to equilibrium through freedom, play, flow and exploration. A beautiful workout for Mind Body and Soul. See you on the dance floor.  

Please see events page for dates and times.

Meditation Classes £7.00

Each week will be get creative with the meditations finding ways to connect, to be present and just be, creating a space for healing by letting go of attachments that restrict your wellbeing. Releasing anxiety, low mood and more.


Ladies Embodiment Mediation Classes  £10

Embodiment Practice Meditation (ladies)

A space for women to come together to disconect and reconnect back to you. Through breath, sound and movement you will be releasing and recoonecting abck to you through the body. Creating a new sense of wellbeing. It is exremely powerful and the changes that come with consistent practive ar ejust beautiful. You ill find your voice, find your sound, reconnect back to you the beautiful divine wild feminine that you were born to be.  Through practice and guidance you will develop your own way of being and expressing, connecting to the core essence of truth and divine beauty that is in each and everyone of us."women together can unite the world."  

Full Moon And New Moon Gatherings

Through Sacred Dance, Meditation and sharing each Full Moon and New Moon we will be letting go,  reconnecting to that which our soul is calling out for, recreating and learning how to harness our intuitive power within, connecting to the divine feminine energies we hold and with Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon. Working with the full moons energy to enhance the intuitive nature within. As well as working with the new moons energy to recreate and nurture our seeds. Each Full Moon/New Moon Ceremony will differ. Booking is essential and a deposit will need to be taken to secure a space as spaces are limited. 

Concious Awakening Dvelopment Group Practice (Donation based)

A monthly practice to bring you into complete awareness of truth and being present to the now. There will be activites to do when you are away from the group and my support is there as an when. We look at aspects of the shadow self, karma what do we mean by that, Gut Instinct and Intuition, You will be increasing your awareness developing clairaudience, Claircognizance, Calirsentience, Clairvaoynce. Tapping ino the source of wisdom that we each hold. Creating a space for forgiveness and unconditional love becoming aware and attuned to the new frequencies that are coming in and allowing your self to surrender to the divine within.  

Energy Healing £45

Working with the divine, connecting through the heart centre, together we will release karmic energies created in this life, ancestral energies, and Soul work (past life and inner child work). Bringing in ancient practices and working with the elements to share, shift and lift restoring a good flow of energy and bringing a sense of peace within. You will experience feeling lighter and more centred having released the block(s). There will be some TLC for you to take home and work on to ensure you stay in a good flow for Mind Body and Soul. (Please allow for upto 2 hours)


Psychic, Mediumship, Tarot Readings 

Mum Caoching Sessions

Being a mum isnt easy through support, guidance, tools and techniques we will together lead you back to you letting go of guilt, shame, stress, beliefs, conditioning and connecting to acceptance, allowing, acknowledgement, freedom, peace and being in your power not just as a mum but as a beautful divine woman.  

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