Nicola Kelleher- Inspiring You
Nicola Kelleher- Inspiring You

Freedom Dance and Healing Meditation Workshops/Classes 

A well-being practice through music and dance Connecting, Releasing and Transforming old blocked energy through movement and meditation. Each class or workshop will work through the body and focus on aspects of the self that need nurturing. You will dance your way back to equilibrium through freedom, play, flow and exploration. A beautiful workout for Mind Body and Soul. See you on the dance floor.  


Psychic Development (Introduction Workshops are available see events for more details) 8 week Course £130.00 (monthly practice/support) 

An depth course that will support, enhance and evolve your psychic development. You will learn from the basics of grounding, meditation, breath work, connection, what psychic protection really is. Working with and balancing your chakras, psychic tools, energy healing, psychic bonds, soul mates what it truly means. Clairaudience, clairsentience, precognition, and premonition and the difference between working and using your psychic side and working with spirit. Learn the most important key in your development TRUST.

Energy Healing £75.00

Working with the divine, connecting through the heart centre, together we will release karmic energies created in this life, ancestral energies, and Soul work (past life and inner child work). Bringing in ancient practices and working with the elements to share, shift and lift restoring a good flow of energy and bringing a sense of peace within. You will experience feeling lighter and more centred having released the block(s). There will be some TLC for you to take home and work on to ensure you stay in a good flow for Mind Body and Soul.

Full Moon Ceremonies

Through Sacred Dance, Meditation and sharing each Full Moon we will be letting go,  reconnecting to that which our soul is calling out for, recreating and learning how to harness our intuitive power within, connecting to the divine feminine energies we hold and with Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon. Working with the full moons energy to enhance the intuitive nature within.  Each Full Moon Ceremony will differ. (For full details please see events page or FB) Booking is essential and a deposit will need to be taken to secure a space as spaces are limited. 

Chakra Balancing £40.00

Chakra balance will restore the harmonious flow of energy through the chakras. You will experience feeling lighter and more centred having released the block(s). I will share my knowledge with you and how you can work on yourself to restore the flow of energy when you feel out of sync. You will receive some TLC after care tips to keep yourself feeling centred.

Our Chakras are the energy points within our systen that govern all aspects within our physical and energetic body. Keeping these balanced is key for living a harmonious life and working through our experiences in life. 

General Psychic/Mediumship, Card Readings £45                                      Soul Path Readings £60                                            Birth Chart Readings (Coming Soon)                                      

Inspiring psychic medium with life experience and unique skills that I use to give guidance into current, past experiences and how you can change and embrace that to move forward in your life. Messages from loved ones to assist you and possibly finalise those last words that may not have been spoken. Affirming knowledge, wisdom and creating healing.


I offer Soul Path Readings which Takes 2 hours and gives you an in depth understanding of the path you are on, why you life is, the karma you came to work though and how you can create opportunities to move your life in the direction you desire. 


Birth Chart Readings to support you in understanding the aspects of self and your development, talents, how the planets are influencing you and what you can do to embrace the planetary positions to work for you presently and going forward. I will combine this along with your karmic energies, and your souls path to give you a greater understanding and awareness of the direction you are heading or would like to work towards.

The Art Of Self Love (3 hr Workshop)£35.00

Self Love is the one thing we as individuals forget to do DAILY. This light hearted interactive workshop will support you in taking the next best steps in loving yourself fully and with ease. You will learn how loving YOU is the key aspect that will start to transform your life.

The Benefits of practising Self Love = Self-Respect, Secure within yourself, Raised Self Esteem, Confidence to take action and Unconditional Love for your Soul and others.

           1-2-1/ Family Intuitive Wellbeing Coaching                 1-2-1 Nutrition Coaching 

Coaching sessions will vary being dependant on what you are looking for, it could be you need just one session or a few but each personal consultation will give you guidance, understanding, tools, knowledge, techniques. You will learn to take responsbility for what is happening within your unconcious and have the confidence to recognise when to let go and move forward from the space you are in. You will learn how to gain back your own power, giving you a new persepctive and understanding of your life and that which is in your outer world, which will lead to you moving your life forward. You will gain a greater understanding into yourself, step into your POWER, become more loving, compassionate, peaceful, confident, relaxed with yourself, learn to love yourself unconditionally, have ultimate respect for who you are, what it is you want, create an inner knowing that you can have it all. Regardless of who or what your background is there is nothing that can not be changed within oneself.  You will eventually learn to be and stay grounded within the self. Being highly intuitive I am able to tap into those old beliefs and see where they were developed which will support you in letting go and moving forward by creating something new in its place. The great thing with the sessions is that there will always be support even after if required. Change isnt always easy but once you embrace it the possibilities that you create are going to be amazing. 


Tired of the same daily conflict you have not sure what to do then book today and be the change you seek. Step forward into your POWER, OWN IT, EMBRACE IT, LOVE IT and LIVE IT!!!

Sacred Soul Healing Circle (Fortnightly)

A fortnightly healing evening where we will sit in circle and be taken on a journey of developing your own healing through transformative healing meditations, energy work healing all bodies, Sound Healing and Movement meditations. These healing evenings have been created to restore equilibrium, connection to your soul and to those around you. Inspiring a safe environment where connection is key in your eveolution in gaining or awakening the wisdom within.

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