Thankyou for the Rahanni Nicola it was so powerful and so light I felt so relaxed and at one point like I was out of my body. I could feel energy lifting out of my body. Thankyou for your time and kindness - Jan 2018


Hi Nicola my name is Helen, you gave me a reading on Saturday. I just wanted to say it was fantastic. If I could have wished for the best reading telling what my soul truly wanted to know then you made it come true. Thankyou very much. Your messaged also confirmed two messages I have already recieved. I will be joining you for the healing - Jan 2018 


Jan 2018 - Thankyou Nicola for the psychic reading and the Chakra Balancing Both so uplifting, enchanting and enlightening. Kamil


Jan - 2018 Thankyou so much Nicola. Felt so much better for being enlightened by you x x  - Natalie


Jan 2018 - Great, really good told me everything that I knew and agree with, will be back - Linda


Jan 2018 -Thankyou Nicola, The Reading was excellent. Just what I needed to hear at this moment in time. Bless You xx :) - Nikki


July 2017  - Amazing Class, very intuitive, it got me using my psychic side that i thought I didnt have. It was inspiringand cant wait to do more. Alison


July 2017 - An enjoyable class very nice to be with like minded ladies and Nicola you are an inspiration very creative, it has inspired me to do more - Peggy


July 2017 - I loved the meditation and doing the art, its different in a positive and uplifiting way - M


June 2017 - Hi Nicola, I'm still in awe at how amazing my reading was the other day and Im still trying to process it all. Thankyou so much. x You have already made a massive difference in my life so please keep shining your light and doing what spirit directs you to do because your energy massively touched others  - Sarah x 


April 2017 - Hello Nicola, Many Thanks for such a wonderful reading - straight to the point and on the money. Such immediate "knowing" to alot of the main issues going on. Highly recommend and will contact again in future for another reading. Many Thanks x x x x


Dear Nicola, it was very interesting, revealing, and enlightening, would love to do a workshop and learn more. Keep doing the work :) Jess


You have been wonderful Amazing reading Thankyou Eddie and Linda.


TBP Workshop - Ive had a great day very informative. Im feeling more positive about my life in general. Nicol amade me feel welcome food was lovely and looking forward to learning more. Yvette


Nicola has taught me so much how to balance with each card which has helped me to focus on what I want and let go of what I was holding on to. - Thomas


November 2016 - Thankyou soo much, definelty the best reading ive ever had, you were kind, humble, and completely spot on! INSPIRATIONAL - 100% felt the love you were emitting xx Love Neha xx


Amazing session, very in tune with me my life and recent happenings, very open and warm, Vicki xxx


November 2016 - Very pleased with the reading it had certainly made me realsie what to do with my life B. R


Very intuitive and totally accurate. A very positive direction for the future, thankyou,


Very good reading, very specific, relevant . UPLIFTING! Thankyou x  x



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  • Thomas (Sunday, March 11 18 12:35 pm GMT)

    Thankyou for the healing it really had an impact on how my back was feeling and how I was feeling emotionally. I have to say it was the best nights sleep I have had in a long time. Nicola is gentle and kind and highly intuitive. I am very grateful for her time and knowledge.

  • Sarah (Friday, January 26 18 09:43 pm GMT)

    When I had my first reading with Nicola I was in shock. The accuracy of the reading I was amazed! She clearly detailed how I had been feeling and also described a situation I had been in which I had to make a decision on. Since then I have had some fantastic results taking part in her workshops as well as one to one coaching. If you need guidance and questions answered Nicola will not disappoint you. Her patience and understanding in talking to me also helped me feel more comfortable. She is a talented and gifted spirit.

  • Rashida (Friday, January 26 18 09:14 am GMT)

    thankyou for the reading it was so beautiful and very encouraging . I feel really good.

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