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The creative flow we each hold is the life force energy we came here with, and we so often forget to truly embrace that aspect of ourselves and truly understand what that energy is. Creativity allows you to express everything all that you are, and that you want to be. It brings fulfilment, joy, ignites passions within us that we never knew were there and also ignites the passion of who we are and through expression we can learn to let go and be that person we want to be. It renews your spirit your soul it releases stress, brings clarity and brings a sense of joy in being just you. Research suggests and shows that it reduces stress in our lives significantly and from my own personal experience I have come to learn alot about myself and detach from conditioning and beliefs that I held about myself through artistic creations, building on my own confidence without being attached to someone doing it for me. It allows you to be in touch with your emotions, and connects you to your inner wisdom. It is a beautiful way to express all that is going on in the monkey mind. It brings a sense of trust back to you in your abilities to express your being. It will bring you back to your breath which is essential for having a calm mind and a calm body. It engages you into being present in the moment with no attachment to the outcome which can be applied in life (so when experiences happen you can be present and not go into a space of worry creating anxiety) Being in nature allows us to get back into a natural rhythm with our bodies cycles and slows you down.  It is a great opportunity to bring some much needed joy and reconnection back into your life, and the life of others around you. 

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