• Embodiment Practice through Dance - Through connecting to breath, sound and movement it creates a fun expressive way to get of the mind release what we are holding and relaxes us into a state of awareness and being present to the now. Reconnecting back to our inner child and allowing the child to express themelves naturally. 
  • Creative writing - We can release so much through this activity and answer our own questins when we allow the imagination to be wild and free and create a new story or express our own story through this activity. 
  • Drawing emotions, Creating an Emotional Wheel - looking at colour words how that feels, looking at direction, movement, desired feeling whats emerging for you creating an opportunity of awareness in how the emotion(s) is affecting you/them and your/their life and having the space to release it and create something new. 
  • Art Journal - a weekly activity of your progress or inspired momnts between the sessions to see your progression, your skills develop, your approach and attitude towards yourself and others and the joy your bringing to yourself. A reminder that you can do it 
  • Balloon Art - a fun way to release emotions or create and bring something new into your life by releasing it up to the universe
  • Drawing with eyes closed - allows you to connect in to your true self enhancing your flow, intuition, touch, your senses and developing and building on trust and enjoyment 
  • Creating a zen garden - 
  • Zentangle -  is a fun activity to let go and reduce stress, emotions, its fun, no attachment to outcomes the results are unexpected discover new ways of creating and being creates an unconcuious stte of relaxation, wakes up imagination expressiong with confidence and fun. It gets you out of your monkey mind and creates a space of knowing ther eare no limits to what you can do
  • Collages - a great fun way to express what you love who you are working intuitevely transforming your perceptions about yourself and discovering more of who you are, what you want  and this can be hung or placed in a visible space for you to see daily and watch what you will create from this experience. 
  • For women and teen girls Moon, Nature and Earth Collages - looking at our connection how you view your relationship to all these aspects outside of you discovering your connection and the power you hold as a divine feminine being looking at archetypes how you mirror those
  • I am Collage 
  • Gratitude Art - expressing what life has given you be that people, experiences, and more. It connects you into a state of being present and you can truly see that you are all blessed and what joy you do have changing beliefs and programming in te process
  • Process Art - this is the no expectation no outcome and enjoying the moment to freely create.
  • Sand Art
  • Guided imagery Art - process of going in to see what is hidden away that allows you to release and creat freedom within, and create a new sense of wellbeing, bringing calm and focus on you and what you want.
  • Clay to create - fun way to connect to the elements and express yourself making the unknown known.

These are just a few ideas that we may work with which gives you an idea of how it will support your development. 


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