I work intuitively and holistically which means I work with you as a whole person taking into account everything that factors into your life and how you are with being with that. Each session will vary depending on your state what we are working with and where you want to lead yourself to. 


I work using all mediums and media from the natural world to that which is imbued with the qulaities of the elements acrylics, watercolours, pastels, glue, music, dance, meditation but most importantly our connection to nature is a huge part in the work we do together, there isnt anything that isnt covered. I promote the development of you finding yourself working through your triggers brininging in new awareness and understanding. Through your re-imagination you will create a place of calm and peace within, bringing clarity and peace of mind. Its wacky, fun, unorthodox but it works and there is so much laughter that we bring to the table that the changes you make to your being will amaze you. 


What will happen as you go through this process is a letting go of all inhibitions and creating a new found connection to self and with others.

Building back the foundations of you bringing in a practice that you can take and develop for yourself there will be exercises for self love, nurturing, self care, being, mindfullness and growth.


The exercises you do will will engage and activate the mind in different ways. We will work with the mindset of playfullness, acceptance, joy of being and non - judgement. How we work is through the enjoyment of expression not through the outcome.   Each time you will have the opportunity to reflect enjoy and see your growth. 

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