• Monthly Drumming and Mantra Circle 5th July 2019 (7pm - 9pm)
  • Come along and have some light hearted fun, connect and make some beautiful music through the power of your voice and musical instruments coming together and creating. Drums and rattles are available if you dont have an instrument. £5  
  • Pamper and Nurture Yourself 19th July 2019 (1pm-4pm) (LADIES ONLY)
  • A beuatiful fun, interactive workshop where we will be making our own massage oil learn basic massage steps for self care and self love and restoring muscle tone, aiding in relaxation and increasing circulation. Creating your own face mask, dream pillow , healing tea meditation and for some fun try your hand at tea leaf reading. An afternoon thats all about you.  £25 for the afternoon .  Booking is essential along with a £10 deposit . 
  • Intro to Chakra Dancing 7th July (1pm - 2.30pm) £12
  • 8 Week Chakra Dancing workshop (£70 when you book for 8 weeks or £12 for individual weeks). 14th July (3pm - 4.30pm)
  • I will lead you into a sacred yet powerful dance that will allow you the freedom to connect, to flow, to love and just be you. Connecting into your souls own rhythm blending different practices that will acknowledge you, ignite you, heal you and set you free.  A workout for Mind Body and Soul. Each week we will focus on one chakra releasing and  flowing to our souls own rhythm bringing joy and fun through our dance and connection together.
  • Meditation Thursdays 11th, 18th, 25th July (7pm - 8.30pm) £5.00
  • Each week will be discovering new ways to enhance and develop your own practice to connect in, to release, and to create. Through meditation we can learn to silence our monkey mind, to bring clarity, focus into the present moment and create a sense of calm and peace within and awakening to our true hearts desires. Each week we will uncover fun and creative ways to connect in and create silence within. 
  • New Moon Gathering 2nd July 2019 (7pm - 8.30pm)
  • We wil be tapping into our creative energy and connecting to the energy of the new moon to create and set our intentions going forward. Together we will sit in circle and through meditation you be guided to connect into your heart centre and intuition which will lead you to your true hearts desire. Please bring a crystal if you have one or a stone that you can infuse with the new moons energy through this beautiful ceremony. Please also where a colour that resonates with your intentions so red passion, orange creativity etc. Please book in advance as places are limited. (£5)
  • Full Moon Ceremony  16th July (7pm - 9pm) £15
  • Full Moon Dance and Creation .Through dance we we will release connecting in to our own rhythm and flow creating a moon collage . This wll allow you to feel into your relationship with the moon, with the goddesses and how they relate to you how you can work that energy into your life. We will be outside and connecting to Mother Earth celebrating the divine goddess within. 
  • Meditative Art for all ages
  • A fun, simple no mistakes, no obstacles unexpected beautiful creations. Discovering new skills and abilities. Creating a state of relaxed focus, waking up the imagination, taking you out of the monkey mind, building confidence, trust, intuition, self pride, learning to enjoy the process and not the outcome . Through this practice you will learn to let go of frustration, worrys, doubt, fear of failure and validation. Creating a sense of calm, gratitiude, self expression, mindfulness and flow. What you learn through these practices can be applied in life and as you grow.



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