• Monthly Drumming Circle  2020 (7pm - 9pm)
  • Come along and have some light hearted fun, connect and make some beautiful music through the power of your voice and musical instruments coming together and creating. Drums and rattles are available if you dont have an instrument. £1
  •  Mantra Mayhem (6:45 -8:15) January 2020
  • through sound, music and movement we will be having fun, bringing joy, a sense of calm, finding your voice, and expressing yourself fully.  
  • Concious Awareness Development Group 
  • Taking you through a journey of self discovery of bringing you into a state of truth developing your awwareness beyond the illusion. Each week working with what is present, breathwork, developing your intuition, connection to spirit/god/higher self. Fun practial activities. Building conenctions, community and aligning with truth. Developing a practice that leads you to your truth. 
  • Chakra Dancing Intro dates to be confirmed 
  • 8 Week Chakra Dancing workshop (£70 when you book for 8 weeks or £12 for individual weeks). 
  • Meditation Thursdays dates to be confirmed (Friday 10am - 11.30am)(7pm - 8.30pm) £5.00
  • New Moon Gathering  2020 (7pm - 8.30pm)
  • Full Moon Ceremony  2020 
  • Creative Fun Art Classes (kids & adults) coming soon 2020
  • A fun, simple no mistakes, no obstacles unexpected beautiful creations. Discovering new skills and abilities. Creating a state of relaxed focus, waking up the imagination, taking you out of the monkey mind, building confidence, trust, intuition, self pride, learning to enjoy the process and not the outcome . Through this practice you will learn to let go of frustration, worrys, doubt, fear of failure and validation. Creating a sense of calm, gratitiude, self expression, mindfulness and flow. What you learn through these practices can be applied in life and as you grow.



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