The Power of Words

Power of Language  

For many of us we can acknowledge that the use of language today has had an impact on us and others throughout our lives. I want to share with you how we can use the power of words to change ourselves but also acknowledge that sometimes we need to hear certain things because those words that can cause us to feel pain or we label as hurtful affect us but they can also show us what we believe in our unconsciousness about ourselves, however we will deny this but you will see from your reaction that actually there is something more going on.

There is also the attachment we form to hearing “positive” words said to us, listen it’s great to here lovely words said to us, but if we don’t believe it, that will not change in us, if we attach to it when we don’t receive it, it will disempower us because we look for validation then to feel good. This is where unconditional love will come in because once you become aware of that love in you and you are practising it daily it will radiate from every cell that need for validation will not even be present to you because you will have the inner knowing of who you are. What you do and how you show up in the world will be all that is needed. 

Emoto’s water experiment showed us how water affects our bodies and what happens inside the body with the water molecules (remember, we are 70-80 percent water, like the Earth) he shows how the impact of words that are not empowering change our structure which creates disease. He also showed how the structure solidifies and creates beautiful shapes within our body when empowering words are said.

Please check out the link below to see his experiments, it really opens up your mind to what we consciously and unconsciously do to ourselves and others.

First I would like to suggest to you to become conscious of the words you use like should, must and I am. The words we place after I am are very powerful, the should we place upon ourselves and others leads to an expectation which is unrealistic, and the must again is creating entitlement you are not entitled so please stop, and when using the must with others especially our kids it is like a command and it is disempowering. Using words like appreciate, grateful, support (ive) will change the conversation and you will receive a response rather than a reaction.  Acknowledging someone for the support, giving thanks and appreciation to others goes a very long way. You need to do that for yourself too. Start to be more mindful of how you use language, it will empower or disempower and we want to build and rise in love not create fear, communication breakdowns because that will happen.

This is a good tip you can use when struggling with communication that you can try and adapt too. First allow yourself to be vulnerable and speak what is in your heart speak how you truly feel. When we are trying to communicate many times the other person is there ready to jump instead of actively listening. Actively Listening requires a lot of practice it is about you being present to the person and really hearing what they say not what you want to hear. So you’re with someone you love and there is communication issues what do you do? We sit and we acknowledge that. Then you talk and listen. Listen to hear not to respond when you can do that watch how your communications improve, how the energy changes how the fuel that was once there disperses.

We have all had moments when we beat upon ourselves with some awful things like calling ourselves stupid etc. So what can we do to change that? We consciously become aware of doing that to ourselves and we start to correct it in that moment with as many empowered words as you can.

I want to share with you communications with my son. He has anxiety and depression which has got worse to the point that he won’t go outside he doesn’t feel safe and it causes him to be sick. So I have been through the motions of this with him, being supportive then having triggers myself and being kick arse which I know doesn’t work for him. So we sit and we talk so he has the awareness of my trigger and what is going on for me as a mum and he shares with me what is happening with him when I am like that. This keeps the communication openand teaches us both that we are open to the acceptance of where we are both at and that builds strength and trust and awareness of why we are behaving or why I have behaved in a way that makes him feel insecure. I am fully aware that things will only change when a person is ready to make that change and no amount of healing, coaching, counselling will shift them out of the space if they are not ready. I know this because I have seen this many times in my life. Something inside has to click and say enough I want to shift. So I have had my battles and had to let go of feeling like I’m a bad mum and ignore friends who have their own opinion of what they think should be done.

I sat the other day with this and something I watched sat with me and I realised that I was creating a place within myself that I could not help my son so when I am doing what I can with him he isn’t feeling safe because I am trying to connect to his energy when I am feeling I can’t support him. So of course that isn’t going to work. What I realised is that I can support him and my love for him and the love I can channel into him from the divine can pierce through his fear. When I am approaching him with the belief  I can’t support him I am actually disempowering myself and my son and he is unconsciously feeling this and it leads to him then feeling that he is not safe. So I look him in the eye and say I know your ready I love you and we are going to do this together. If that means I need to be his anchor presently then that is what I will do until he is ready to let go and know within him that he can do this himself.  

We don’t have to speak out, our words are heard through our other senses and this is where our communication gets messed up, and confused. So talk openly, honestly and be raw share your fears, share that actually sometimes I feel angry at myself that I think I can’t support you and then ask what can I do to support us so we can change that together and the chances are all they will need is to know that they are safe and that love is there. Do not make the mistake of assuming they know it because you say it. Love shows itself through actions not by words. You speak with your heart and your soul and you look them in the eye connect to their soul because it is the soul that needs to hear, feel and see.



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