Understanding spirituality is individual to each one of us. So far on my journey I have come to an over standing that Spirituality is just a way of being it is a way we choose to live our lives authentically. That takes some serious deep awareness of who you are truly within. For me it is the unconditional love of the self and how we show up for others in the world and show that love too.  We are all spirit and when we start to allow ourselves to love unconditionally we can start to allow ourselves to become aware of what is happening in the world with a 360 degree perspective, we become conscious of what truly matters and the impact we are having on ourselves, those around us and our planet. Mother Earth is a living being and we need to start taking care of her instead of raping her and trashing her with heartless thought for ourselves, others and all living beings on this earth.

Spirituality is about you finding a practice that supports you in your growth and evolution, it’s about you and your truth and staying faithful with that when you know it and feel it within your very soul. It isn’t about being a sheep and following some teacher who practices their truth, because our truths are all individual and just because you maybe a certain way or something resonates within you doesn’t necessarily mean the whole practice of it is what your soul requires. It does not mean you are the same as everyone else. I have an inner knowing that I and many others have a destiny not all of us do though, (that will be up for discussion at another time) however I know that destiny will not just fall into my lap and it is my doing and being that will take me forth to my destiny. This is as I am told a belief in the Sikh tradition I have just been made aware of. Does that mean I am Sikh no it just means that I have that inner knowing and I follow my heart, my guidance from the divine and trust. I practice yoga and do mantras because I love them and it supports me. I work with Ganesh, Shiva and Kali as well as working with the archangels and other ascended masters. I work in a way that supports me I don’t follow religion because that isn’t for me and that is ok but for someone else that will in them will drive them to commit to that practice because that is what they need and what is for their soul’s journey. There is no right or wrong in what our soul needs for its understanding of its journey.

Each Month I will share with you messages from the divine, how we can understand ourselves through philosophy. Awareness of how you can work with your spirit, lessons in life, how we grow and evolve when we allow ourselves to be who we are in that moment. I can tell you now, who I was 20 years ago, even 6 months ago I am not that way. I was who I was in those moments because that is where I was on my journey and it was knowledge, beliefs and awareness that I had about myself, others that determined how I was showing up and being in the world for myself and with others.

My favourite Philosophical quote presently and which shows up daily for us all when we hold that space to be aware is “Love said to me there is nothing that is not me. Be Silent – Rumi. What I have come to over stand with this is that we each will see what we want to see in another person and we each will attach a meaning to that which we see. So when you see something or experience something and you have a reaction know that that is you and not the other person. What I know is that the behaviour of another being is them having a reaction to a trigger how we interpret that is our own stuff and nothing to do with them. I will share an example last year I was having one of those days feeling a bit low in my mood and questioning what am I doing? So I am out an about with my daughter a pop into my uncles shop to say hi. There is a lady in there who is intoxicated but she is being polite and then out of no-where after speaking about how successful her son is she looks at me says and what about you, what have you done with your life, nothing I bet, what have you got, where are you going and then some other verbal things. I was in total ahhhhhhhhhh my uncle tells her to leave and that no one speaks to his niece like that, my daughter says mum I want to punch her. I felt my eyes fill up because actually she was an angel in disguise. What she was showing me was, what I as feeling deep within me and it was enough for me to go home and shake that feeling and really acknowledge how far I have come in my life and where I am going. It snapped me out of the victim consciousness state and back into kick arse Nicola and let’s do what I came to do. So most people would react to that but I didn’t because I have been that lost soul too who use to drink and I had a vicious tongue sometimes. How can I be mad at someone that I used to be its like saying I don’t like myself or acknowledge myself? The next time you experience something that triggers you stop before you react even if you do react that’s ok you will be being something of you in that moment. I saw this lady just the other day and I was like oh no it’s her. She starts to speak to me and I acknowledge her she doesn’t recall that day. I see everyone looking up and down and making judgement and I realised that I too went into that space, so I stop and acknowledge her because she is a person who feels she is the same as each and every one of us just on a different path presently, and we know what it is like to be ignored and that is not who I am because I used to be that way too. Judging people for being drunk, because it is an old way we have allowed ourselves to be accustomed too not a sign of unconditional love. Then we wonder why there is war and so much hatred in the world, when we take time to judge, ridicule and point the finger instead of having unconditionally love and being the beacon of light and actually just being we elicit so much wasted energy that we can use to be shining our light and making someone else’s world a little brighter, even if just for a few moments.  It is priceless

Remember that everything you see, feel, hear is or has been an aspect of you at some point in your life.

On the member’s page there will be monthly channelled messages from the divine, guidance on life’s lessons, how you can start to become aware of your intuition and distinguishing between your ego and your intuition, there will be access to webinars, workshops and more on inspiring you to reach your true self…..

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