One of my favourite topics because I love food, I love cooking especially for other people. There is something so very beautiful about loving your body and showing love to yourself through nutrition. I used to be an extremely fussy eater, from being in my mother’s womb the smell of cooked food made her vomit and she could only eat raw food. As a child I was given meat and cooked food which I refused to eat and would often fall asleep at the table without eating. Growing up my intake of nutrition was not great and did play a part in my health when I was a teen (iron deficiency, bad teeth, depression) however I survived. My consciousness started at 11 taking sugar out of my diet and salt. I have never liked salt and only have it if when making roast potatoes. That suits me.


Back to you guys so each and everyone of us has a different system within us that functions solely for us. (One Man’s Food is another Mans Poison – Lucretius – 50BC Roman Philosopher) Nutrition is not all about the so called five a day, it is so much more it is the awareness of your genetic expression, your environment, what you eat, drink, breath, touch, your perspective and beliefs. So we often here I inherited that from my parent(s) that is not necessarily correct. The genes you inherit from your parents will not necessarily express themselves as we believe and we can change the expression by bringing more awareness that we are not our parents and that we each individually have our own epigenetic expression through the above. It is our environment that will trigger your genes to turn on and off (in other words how your genes decide they want to function within the system they are in). Who you are and how your body is a result of both nature and nurture.

What nutrition will do is support you in bringing awareness of how you can change your genetic expression by trying and acknowledging what works for you and your body. It can support you in minimising symptoms of deficiencies in the body and prevent disease. I am going to go a bit out there for some of you but it will bring a bit more awareness to you and insight into how your body works and there will be those that may not resonate and that’s ok. Your willingness to expand your consciousness is what is required. So I am currently studying Ayuveda. This recognises that we are made up of all the elements that the universe is made up of and each living being be that plant, tree, flower, herb or human , animal carry these elements within our bodies. These elements too will have an impact on our bodies if we are consuming foods that may be too much or too less. You see plants, fruit, vegetables, herbs will all have assets and liabilities that impact our bodies. It is within us as we awaken the teacher within too know what these are and implement them in improving our health and wellbeing and this will come from trial and error most importantly trusting and listening to your body. Ever had moments when you fancy something you may not necessarily eat. It is usually because your body needs it. Your body has its own intelligence and if we listen we can give it that which it requires. Just to give an example, I have started the “pre-menopause” so was breaking out in hot sweats and flushes and out shopping I bought sage never used it before and I put it into my dishes. A most beautiful herb and very tasty. Having a conversation with a close friend who has been through it I ask her what I can use for the sweats her answer to me sage. So you see our bodies will intuitively let us know what we need.

Even those of us that have great eating habits can be lacking in vitamins and minerals so it is vitally important in maintaining a flow of what you personally need for you. This will and needs to change, as eating the same foods will not benefit you and what serves greatly at one point in your life wont as you continue through life. Our bodies are always changing and new cells are created every second, so we will need different foods to support their construction and their expression.

On the members page you will find insights into looking at deficiencies we will look at how health issues can develop, how you can change your genetic expression, recommended books to further develop your own awareness. Tips and tools to break habits, an awareness how these are formed and what you can do to change these, natural foods that will enhance you, build strength, recipes, links to videos on meals you can create rather than going to the shop to buy. By creating your own food and recipes you will not save on money but you will be supporting the earth by not buying the plastic and other rubbish that is consuming and killing our animal, mineral kingdoms and our land and oceans. And giving yourself more love by saying you care to take time to create something for you, family and friends all part of self love.

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