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In today’s world there is so much information out there on health from exercise, meditation, retreats even food. Health and wellness for me and what I know from my journey is becoming consciously aware of Mind Body and Soul. They cannot function well together if one or the other is out of sync. Working on all three is relatively important to maintain a flow of energy in your life and allow yourself to work through experiences that life throws at you. Lets face it life throw us curve balls every now and again and how we respond or react to them will be how you are within yourself.

If you really want to be feel healthy on all levels then the first thing is to let go of all that you know, that really is not in alignment with you and go and sit, walk and connect with nature. We are so disconnected from Mother Earth and from our natural environment that it is no wonder we are so stressed, confused, so hostile to each other and feel so unhealthy. Who we are today is impacted by so many factors one of those being our genetic make-up. The great thing is we do not have to let that dictate who we are and how we are in the world. We have the ability to control our genetic expression. That will start with you accepting every bit of yourself no matter what and that will support you in changing how you view yourself.

We must first have to be ready to accept and acknowledge who we are today, how we got to where we are and loving yourself even if you don’t particularly like, who you are and how your life maybe or was. We start by accepting that little child who for whatever reason was never happy, never received the unconditional love, never felt loved or accpeted and accept that you have resentment and anger and that which you could not control but also be thankful that somewhere within you you have had the strength to carry on and how you have managed that which is just part of your journey so far. It's ok, because you know what your allowed to feel all that what we want to do is release the illsuion that is controlling you still holding on ot those fears.

Make your first statement today, I accept that I (say your name) was/ had …. (you are going to acknowledge all the experiences however you perceive them especially that which knocked your confidence out of the window. This is the first step in your health and wellness and you are going to do this for 40 days so you can shift that mind-set that keeps disempowering you. I now let that go and allow that which happened to be my f*****g wings and allow myself to fly.

When we start to love ourselves no matter how you look or perceive yourself to look in the outside world, your love and light will shine through and you will see this reflected in your outer world. Our thoughts are part of what creates our reality we choose to live in. So we start by forgetting all that we believed, all we think is how we “should be” and we start again by building our own foundations so we can feel what we need to feel to get back into a state of knowing who we are.

To be able to start stepping into a space where you feel more secure we must first  acknowledge the space you are in and recognise that it is ok your not broken, just in a space of awareness that you want to feel more uplifted, in control, happy and content. The first thing i will suggest is to take a deep breath, relax and and let the feeling of acceptance flow over you. Know that it is ok, you are safe, secure and that you are ready to move forward.

Unconditional Love is the key thing missing that we all need to do for ousrselves and when we do that we can show up for others too. Not everyone you meet you will like, but thank them because they are angels in disguise. We dont have to like everything, we just need to accpet that somethings are just and that each experience is there to support our growth. You can either let the experiences you have be your wings or your downfall. But even the downfall can eventually become your wings!I

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