Inspiring you has been created through my lifes journey so far. Never really knowing or understanding myself as a child and even into my 30s I never felt like I "belonged" until my journey begun. Through alot of soul searching, letting go and coming to realising that actually I am allowed to just be, Inspiring You was born. Together I will lead you to connect with your truest self which will empower you to be who you were truly meant to be. The website and members page will be full of creative ideas to inspire you, to build you, there will be tools, tips, techniques that will support you and lead you towards empowering you to lead the life you truly want. 


You will find plenty of creative health and wellbeing ideas to support you wether its beliefs you want to change, build confidence, work through depression and anxiety, nutrition, health, relationships, partnerships, addictions, there is something here for everyone. We will look at all aspects of personal development, from recipes, sound healing, energy healing, mind reset, meditation, dance, you will find benefits and awareness of all the wonderful opportunities that are out there, available to you to develop your own practice that will lead you too your truth.

Together I will lead you to stepping into your personal power,gaining the confidence and knowing that the sacred self can be just so there will be articles with tips and when you sign up for the members page you will get access to videos that show you how, articles with more tips and tools, parenting, nutrition and tips on creating the right diet for you, dance videos and more. Each month the articles will cover different aspects of health, wellness, meditation, relationships, Nutrition, and Language. On the members page there will be access to online videos for chakra dance, which will start with an Introduction to what chakra dancing is, and then we will complete a seven week dance class. each week will be different no experience just a willingness to open, release and allow yourself to flow with the music., Tips on how you can tap into your own energy field and heal, messages from the divine, recipes and more. So keep an eye out for some great things that will support you and lead you to finding your truth. 



 Check out the events page for upcoming workshops, seminars, talks and more. 


New....  Creative Meditative Art Classes check out services page for more info.



When we truly love uncondtionally we can really start to live our lives authentically and peacefully.


N.B Please be aware that the website is under going some changes services offered are changing and new articles will be uploaded soon, as well as access to the membership pages, which is filled with practice sessions, tips and tools, videos and more.








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